How Ariana Grande Rose to the Top of the Charts

Ariana Grande is the first musician in history to have a single from her first three albums debut in Billboard’s top 10. She has three American Music Awards, an MTV Music Video award, two Grammy nominations, and more. She is regularly compared to Mariah Carey, and her career has steadily flourished. Budding musicians can learn a lot from Ariana Grande’s journey to music superstardom.

Here are a few tips you can pick up from Ariana.

1. Take advantages of other career opportunities to help launch your music career.

Grande began her career on Broadway before segueing into acting on Nickelodeon. After that, she began pursuing a musical career, which led to her first top ten single, “The Way.” Grande’s path to becoming a successful musician has not been a straight line. She has dabbled in other pursuits the entire time.

Your music career might begin in one way and end in another. Don’t be afraid to follow other pursuits on the way. Either way, you will definitely learn a lot.

2. Let your image evolve.

Grande’s third studio album, Dangerous Woman, showed a noticeable departure from the sweet and cutesy Ariana Grande of the past. The album came with a more grown-up, intense, and seemingly dangerous new image.

As your music career progresses, don’t be afraid to let your image evolve. The success of one image does not indicate that you can never change it; in fact, it can be exciting for audiences to see these changes in their favorite artists.

3. Release collaborations as singles.

Some of Grande’s biggest hits, such as “The Way” or “Side to Side,” are made particularly successful because they are collaborations. Collaborating with the right people can make for a new twist on your music and help you produce something different and unique.

Whenever possible, collaborate.

Ariana Grande is one of today’s most successful pop artists. Her powerful vocals and interesting evolution can serve as an inspiration to artists of all genres.

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