How Pentatonix Became YouTube Stars

Music used to be a very hard industry to make it big in. If one didn’t have the money or the backing behind their music, they usually failed. YouTube has changed this. Many musicians today have been found by starting channels on YouTube.

Pentatonix is one vocal group that has exploded on the scene and are now touring across the globe. They attribute their success to YouTube.

1. They put a unique twist on popular music.

Glee was a television show that focuses on a high school glee club. This tv show made acapella groups popular. The individuals in Pentatonix tried to make it on their own and then found each other when trying to meet the cast of Glee.

They started singing their interpretations and when they debuted their version of “Telephone” by Lady Gaga on YouTube. Then, the attention began.

This was their video for the Glee competition.

2. They competed in music competitions.

The Sing Off was the turning point in their career. Pentatonix blew through the competition and were very nervous about winning.

Their reaction was one of complete elation from winning.

This video looks at their reactions.

3. They released YouTube videos to build up anticipation for their debut album.

They started releasing videos on YouTube while they were finishing up creating their first album. Their first few videos released on YouTube went instantly viral.

They accredit this to their time on The Sing Off because their covers were so popular.

4. They collaborated with other YouTube musicians.

The collaboration with other YouTube stars helped elevate their popularity even more. Their initial videos were simple but quickly they became very professional.

The collaboration with Lindsey Stirling helped bring in more subscribers and their name spread very quickly.

The different ways Pentatonix used their videos to elevate their popularity is beginning to become a standard for many artists. Don’t give up hope. It takes persistence, general zeal, and a love of music to start. Check out videos that are most popular and in turn find a niche that works for you. Covers are a great start.

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