How “Party Rock Anthem” Broke More Than A Billion Views

There are music videos that have become so popular that they’ve set trends in media, fashion, or even internet memes. Due to the internet, this past decade has seen many music videos being popularized all over social media.

One such song, which was and still is popular, is LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” This song in itself saw the trend of the shuffling dance move. These are the reasons why LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” has over a billion views on the band’s YouTube channel.

1. LMFAO is known for having flashy style.

LMFAO is known for having flashy fashion attire in their music videos. Their music videos usually are in the pop music genre and are very upbeat and catchy. LMFAO uses beats that are very fast paced and have a party feel. Their music is very creative and energetic, as they combine their unique vocals with unforgettable beats.

Below is an example of this.

2. Their energetic videos attract more viewers.

LMFAO’s music videos are extremely entertaining. Their videos are comedic and energetic, which attracts viewers to their channel. LMFAO’s music videos have details that pertain to their song lyrics. They use flashy backgrounds and dancers in their videos as well, which gives it a particular dance music feel.

Below is an example of their music video presentation.

3. Their dancing makes viewers want to move.

LMFAO’s music videos wouldn’t be as awesome as they are if it weren’t for their dancers and dance moves. The music videos show many creative dances from the many people featured in the.

The choreography for “Party Rock Anthem” ended up setting a trend with its quirky characters, such as the robot guy, and it got everyone doing the classic shuffling dance move. The shuffle became so popular following the music video that some dancers even branded themselves as professional “shufflers.”

Below is the music video for “Party Rock Anthem.”

These are the reasons why LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” has over a billion views currently. Their musical style and creativity have entertained viewers and attracted people to their music. Their music video presentation and dancers in their videos have set trends and popularized their own brand of pop music.

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