How This Ex-Convict Found Success On YouTube

YouTube is a great opportunity for people with any background, and YouTuber Joe Guerrero found this to be the case for him. After serving a seven-year sentence, Guerrero was in the unfortunately not so unique position of being free but without work, but when he was released, he had a goal. He wanted to tell his life story as a cautionary tale.

Here’s why his show, After Prison Show, is a growing success.

1. Joe Guerrero is brutally honest.

Guerrero’s life behind bars isn’t anything to fantasize about. The trials and tribulations he went through while serving his sentence changed him as a person, and he doesn’t try to express it in any other way.

Every story he tells, while entertaining, is at his word. Not all the stories paint him in the best light, either, but that makes them that much more valuable and makes him easier to trust.

2. He also has a sense of humor.

It’s not always appropriate to tell jokes during his vlog, but when it is, he barrages the viewer with his brand of dark humor. It lightens the mood in videos that otherwise might be punishing to binge on.

He certainly has a knack for doing this, which is apparent upon watching some of his lighter videos in contrast with the heavy ones.

3. He never runs out of things to talk about.

When a person has lived a life like Guerrero’s, wrought with hardship and low moments, the bright side is often that they have a lot of experiences worth sharing. He puts up a video almost every day, and each one is unique yet familiar.

He mostly talks about his time behind bars, but it’s especially interesting when he brings up his current life and the struggles he is still going through.

4. He answers a lot of common questions.

Another silver lining of his experience is that he has a lot to share about prison lifestyle and norms. He bounced between facilities and has a perspective on the system that is valuable to anyone who may have a close one who is locked up or is just curious about the justice system.

He is critical and opinionated, but he clearly separates the facts of how things work from this, making his channel arguably educational.

Guerrero offers something that people want: a unique perspective. Through humor and honesty, he attracts an audience. Often all it takes to be successful on YouTube is to be transparent and talk about your life.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s practicing his sketching skills.