How This Channel Gained More Than 11 Million Subscribers

People are fascinated with the unknown and science fiction topics on the internet. Various YouTube channels have utilized these topics to gain viewers. One such channel that has become popular utilizing this theme is Vsauce.

Vsauce’s channel has been growing in recent years due to the topics he explores with added facts and answers to his fans questions. These are the reasons why Vsauce has gained over 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

1. Each video answers a different question.

Vsauce’s channel has explored many different topics that pertain to subjects most people have little knowledge of. Generally, each video focuses on a question that viewers may be wondering, and then he answers it throughout the video with evidence and facts.

A few topics he has used in his videos include traveling inside a black hole and where deleted computer files go. Vsauce videos usually answer a question that is posed to something either scientific or fictitious.

Below is an example of one of his videos.

2. He presents the subjects of his videos well.

Vsauce usually starts out his videos with an introduction about something related to the subject. After that, he explores the topic by answering questions related to the topic. He brings examples into the video, whether through history, theory, or scientific breakthroughs. His videos are entertaining, as he uses pictures and clips to add more depth to his video discussions.

Below is an example of this.

3. He interacts with his viewers often.

Vsauce has attracted quite a few viewers to his videos on his channel due to the fact that he speaks in a manner that is clear and concise. He explains the phenomenon and poses questions related to it, and then he answers it in his video and provides details.

The most important aspect is that he takes his viewers’ considerations to his topics, and he asks them what should he focus on in future videos. For example, he will ask if viewers have any questions, which he will consider as a subject for a later video.

Here’s one such video.

These are the reasons why Vsauce’s channel has gained the number of subscribers he currently has and is still growing. He chooses topics that are relatively unknown by most people, and his video topics are presented in a way that is very clear and detailed. His tone and voice make these videos easy to understand to people who aren’t well versed in scientific subjects. Vsauce’s response to his viewers makes his channel interesting, as many people have requests for videos that he looks into.

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