How NikkieTutorials Became A Top Beauty Vlogger

With more than twelve million subscribers, NikkieTutorials is no doubt one of the biggest creators on the platform. She’s been on YouTube for more than ten years, and now she’s the top beauty vlogger in the Netherlands.

Here’s how NikkieTutorials became a top beauty vlogger.

She started her channel to share her passion for beauty at age fourteen.

When Nikkie was a teenager, she was spending a weekend sick in bed watching The Hills on MTV. The makeup looks she saw on actresses Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Lauren Conrad inspired her to search YouTube for beauty tutorials inspired by the show.

As soon as she found Sandy Gold’s channel, Nikkie was hooked. Sandy’s “Wake up and Make up!” videos inspired Nikkie to start a channel of her own. Below is the first tutorial she ever uploaded.

She studied to become a professional makeup artist.

Unlike many beauty vloggers, Nikkie didn’t get most of her makeup education from the internet. As her channel grew, she caught the attention of professional makeup artist Pascale Tesser. Nikkie signed up for her makeup courses at B Academy in Amsterdam.

After completing her makeup education, Nikkie continued to work with Pascale Tesser as an assistant on her photoshoots and shows. Nikkie also took classes to learn about hair to round out her skills as an artist.

Nikkie joined Pascale Tesser’s agency in 2011. She worked on several prominent shows and magazine spreads while also writing a monthly beauty column for Teen Magazine Fashionista. In 2014, she left the agency to become a freelance hair and makeup artist.

In 2015, she went viral with “The Power of Makeup.”

Nikkie had been uploading videos for several years before her iconic viral hit. The video challenged the societal shame surrounding wearing a lot of makeup for fun. Nikkie transformed herself on camera using makeup, showcasing the skills she was most proud of.

With more than forty million viewers, “The Power of Makeup” is still the most popular video on Nikkie’s channel. She continued it as a series, performing makeup transformations on other influencers and celebrities.

She collaborated with a lot of prominent brands and other influencers.

Nikkie’s “The Power of Makeup” series has brought a lot of famous faces to her channel, from Kim Kardashian to Drew Barrymore. She’s also worked with Lady Gaga, Bebe Rexha, and Shane Dawson.

Not only has she worked with influencer celebrities and social media stars, Nikkie has also collaborated with several prominent brands. She’s created makeup lines with Ofra, Maybelline, and Too Faced. In 2019, she began serving as the Global Beauty Adviser for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

She continued to focus on makeup-related content.

Unlike other major beauty influencers who try to branch out into other fields, Nikkie continues to concentrate on beauty. By remaining focused in makeup, she’s continued to grow her channel while others find their viewerships stagnant.

Nikkie continues to upload weekly videos, with the majority of them surpassing a million views. She does tutorials, reviews, challenges, and other fun videos.

NikkieTutorials became one of the top creators on YouTube by finding her passion and sticking with it. Nikkie’s love for makeup took her career to unimaginable heights, and she’s only continuing to go farther.

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