These Apps Will Make Every Creator’s Life Easier

As an influencer, you can manage most of your career from your phone. There are so many apps that help you utilize the convenience of a smartphone to make the most out of your content.

These are the apps that will make your life as a content creator so much easier.

Create reaction videos easily with Vlog Star.

Reaction videos are one of the most popular formats on YouTube. However, filming them can be quite complicated. Not only do you have to set up your camera, but you also have to screen record what you’re watching. Editing the footage together is a whole other story.

The smartphone app Vlog Star has a lot of great features, but the most helpful is its “Reaction Cam.” This tool uses a Picture in Picture track to layer multiple video clips together easily.

Design your own channel art with Logo Maker.

Channel art is important for both your channel brand and your personal brand. With a great logo, you have a watermark, avatar, and merchandise print all in one. However, designing your own logo with traditional software can be complicated, and getting one designed professionally can be expensive.

You can design your own beautiful logo with the aptly named Logo Maker app. It comes equipped with templates to guide you and lots of different fonts and graphics to choose from.

A great logo can be a strong branding tool. Before you get started, take some inspiration from the video below.

Make awesome video thumbnails with Thumbnail Maker.

Your thumbnail is often a viewer’s first impression of your video, and as the saying goes, first impressions are everything. Therefore, your thumbnail should be simple but eye-catching.

You don’t need excellent Photoshop skills to make an awesome thumbnail. Use the app Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos. It enables you to app text, stickers, and photo montages.

Before you start making a thumbnail, study the thumbnails in your own subscription feed. Take note of what makes you want to click. You can find more tips in this video.

Spice up your social media feed with Adobe Spark.

Creators are more than just YouTube stars. You’re an influencer, so your every social media feed needs to shine, from your Facebook fan page to your Instagram stories. Ideally, every quote, photo, or video clip should make your followers want to stop and hit the like button.

You can use Adobe Spark to create posts that will really catch your followers’ attention. You can use both Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark video to design posts that will stand out.

Content creators often live busy, productive lives. So, you need tools to help you create great content from anywhere. Try out these apps to make your life easier, and share your favorite apps for creators in the comments!

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