5 Little Things You Can Do To Boost Your Audience Engagement

When it comes to fostering a strong relationship with your viewers, audience engagement is the name of the game. More audience engagement can lead to more successful sponsorships, increased merch sales, and, of course, a rise in viewership.

Here are five little things you can do to boost your audience engagement.

1. Include polls in your video cards.

You may already know that you can add cards to your videos, directing viewers to previous uploads and outside links. However, you may not have realized you can also add polls. These polls act like community post or Twitter polls, but they can only be accessed within your video.

To get started, go to your Video Manager. Then, click “Edit” next to the right video. Choose “Cards” then “Add card.” Finally, select “Create” next to the poll option. Be sure to verbally direct your viewers towards the polls you create.

2. End your videos with a question for viewers to answer in the comments.

Comments are one of the best measures of your audience engagement. Having more comments shows potential sponsors, collab partners, etc. that your audience is excited about your content. Therefore, the more comments you can get, the better.

An easy way to get more comments is to end your videos with a question. Simply ask your viewers what they thought of the video, what they’d like to see next, or even something completely random. Instruct them to leave their answer in the comments below.

3. Collect audience responses from community posts.

If you have the community tab enabled on your channel, then you can increase your audience engagement by making more community posts. Create polls, ask questions, and promote your upcoming videos.

Grav3yardgirl made a community post to hype her audience up for her new upload. She got more engagement with the post by inviting viewers to play a game in the comments.

4. Reply to comments for the first hour after each video goes live.

You can increase your viewer engagement in your video comments by responding to more comments after each new upload. For the first hour after your next video goes live, hang out in the comments section to answer questions, give likes, and say thanks.

Throughout the week, you should return to your video comments periodically. Surprise your fans by interacting with comments that are a few days old or ones that were made after your initial upload day.

5. Utilize your end screen.

Finally, you can increase your audience engagement by getting your viewers to click on more of your videos. Showcase your previous uploads and playlists in your video end screen. You can verbally point viewers towards them.

Each end screen can display several elements at once, including videos, playlists, and external links. Design your own end screen templates by following the tutorial below.

You can increase your audience engagement a little at a time by asking more questions and replying to more viewer comments. Follow these tips and share your own in the comments below!

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