How One Vlogger Gained 600,000 Subscribers In Three Months From A Single Video

Three months ago, storytime vlogger Natalia Taylor posted her videos for a tight-knit community of fifty thousand subscribers. However, after she posted “Kidnapped. My Story,” Nati woke up to millions of views and thousands of new subscribers.

Now, Nati has more than 600,000 subscribers, and she was able to quit her retail job to pursue a full-time career as a YouTuber. How did a single video change her life so quickly?

1. She shared an incredibly personal and interesting story.

In her video, Nati tells the story of the time she was kidnapped as a child. She goes deeply into detail about being taken by her father, ending with an explanation of why she chose to change her name to protect herself. By bravely opening up about her own story, she offered understanding to many others who experienced something similar and hope to anyone who’s seen a similar tale on the evening news.

When you’re making videos, don’t be afraid to get personal. Many people have stories they’re afraid to share, but by making herself vulnerable, Nati welcomed a lot of new viewers who admired her courage. Stories like Nati’s go viral because compassion is one of the most powerful human emotions. Her incredible story reached more than six million views.

2. She backed up her story with evidence.

Many times, when stories like Nati’s go viral, Internet trolls or haters go to extreme lengths to try to disprove the story. When fellow storytime vlogger Tana Mongeau posted a video about an email she believed her stalker sent her, several other YouTubers tried to “expose” Tana by finding where the content of the email she read really came from.

Nati was smart because she backed up what she said in her video. She showed newspaper headlines from 2004 that introduced stories that detailed her kidnapping. She also proved her father’s current location with his Florida mugshots. She also made a later video about packages he sent her. When you tell a seemingly unbelievable story online, be sure that you, too, can backup your facts.

3. She made a follow-up video.

After watching the video about Nati’s kidnapping, many of her new subscribers wanted to know more about the aftermath of the story. To address their comments and questions, Nati made a follow-up video. She answered questions, told more details, and showed packages that her kidnapper sent to her for years afterwards.

If your video goes viral, many people will have questions for you. It’s always better to address any issues that may arise than it is to wait for them to dissipate on their own. You can also use a follow-up video to direct new viewers who found you in the “Featured” section towards the original video.

When Natalia Taylor uploading an out-of-the-ordinary vlog three months ago, she never expected that it would make her life extraordinary. If you’re brave enough to really put yourself out there on YouTube, then you never know what story may go viral.

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