How Demi Lovato Makes Money With Product Placement and Promotions

How do you make money outside of music? Do you make jewelry, paint, or teach? Have you considered selling your music to other forms of entertainment?

Demi Lovato uses her music to promote all of the other projects that she’s taken on, from skincare to mobile games. Here’s what she can teach you about using your music to make money in other ways.

1. She placed her own products in a music video.

Demi Lovato designed her own line of skincare products, Devonne by Demi Lovato. She often promotes her products on social media with clever campaigns such as her #NoMakeupMonday selfies. However, Demi also gave one of her skincare products a “celebrity cameo” in her “Cool For The Summer” music video.

Product placement is a great way to promote any jewelry, beauty products, or artisan crafts that you sell to help support your music career. Product placement is also great for sponsorships. Contact local artisans, bakeries, or company representatives (Tupperware, Avon, etc.) to find someone willing to sponsor your next video in return for product placement.

2. She performed a song she recorded for a movie on tour.

Before Disney’s Frozen became one of the most popular cartoons of all time, Demi Lovato released “Let It Go” as a single. She made a music video to promote the movie, too. Demi didn’t stop at the music video, though. She also included “Let It Go” on her tour set list and in several live television performances.

As a musician, recording music to help promote movies or businesses is a great way to make money while promoting your own music. You can record an advertisement jingle for a small business or offer to write a song for the end credits of a local film project.

3. She made her music the soundtrack in a mobile game.

Demi Lovato partnered with the popular mobile game Episodes to create her own version of the game, which is called Path to Fame. In the game, a cartoon Demi mentors users on their own paths to superstardom. All of the game’s background music is Demi’s original songs.

You can also create your own mobile game app and put your own music in the background. However, if you’re not interested in app development, then you can sell your music to web developers for their own projects. You can also compose for video games.

Demi Lovato knows how to promote her music by promoting other businesses. By following her example, you can start making money through product placement and promotion.

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