How 6 Popular YouTubers Promote Their Videos

The biggest names in YouTube didn’t get to the top by uploading their videos and then doing nothing else. These YouTubers became viral stars because they know how to best promote their videos.

Here are six ways that popular YouTubers promote their videos.

1. Joey Graceffa links previous videos in his outros.

Joey Graceffa has two channels. He uploads daily vlogs to one and video game content to the other. In the outro of every vlog, he puts clips of his previous video on each channel side-by-side. He also puts the link to his last vlog in the description box.

When you’re editing a new video, put an interesting clip or screenshot from your last video in the outro so that new viewers can see what they’ve missed.

2. Grav3yardgirl tweets colorful video thumbnails.

As soon as Bunny Meyer uploads a new video, she lets all of her subscribers know with an enthusiastic tweet. She knows how to get her message across in 140 characters or less.

This is where a great thumbnail comes in handy. If it’s bright and simple, then it will catch the attention of your Twitter followers.

3. Superwoman encourages her fans to tag their friends on Facebook.

When Lilly Singh shared this clip from her collaboration with Markiplier, she encouraged her fans to tag their friends in the comments.

This is a great way to get your videos seen by people who will love them. Your fans will know the perfect new viewers.

4. Jessie Paege sends Instagram messages to followers who’ve watched her newest video.

Whenever Jessie Paege uploads a new video, she also posts a new selfie to Instagram. In the caption, she asks her fans to comment a certain emoji if they watched her latest video. She then chooses a lucky few to message.

Messaging fans is a great way to boost both views and audience engagement. Viewers who want to talk with you will be more likely to watch your video if you offer to chat with them the way Jessie does.

5. Shane Dawson asks his fans for video ideas.

Shane Dawson will make a video about just about anything. To make sure that it’s something his fans will love, he uses Twitter to get their input before he films.

Twitter is perfect for involving your fans in your video-making process. When they help create your content, they’ll be more likely to watch it to see the results.

6. Niki Demartino posts artistic screenshots of her new videos to Instagram.

Rather than uploading a video clip or a thumbnail, Niki Dermartino posts video screenshots that are truly Instagram-worthy. She chooses shots with good lighting and unique perspectives so that they capture her followers’ attenion.

In the caption of your promotional Instagram pictures, give a despcription of your new video Tag anyone else who collaborated with you so that their followers can see the picture, too.

No one becomes a YouTube star without promoting his or her videos. Follow the examples left by a few of the most popular YouTubers so that one day, you can be one of them.

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