How Miley Cyrus Became A Music Icon

Miley Cyrus is back on top with her new album Younger Now. However, Miley has been a major name in the entertainment industry since she was just a teenager.

Here’s how Miley Cyrus became a music icon.

1. She first made a name for herself on television.

Miley first became famous under the name Hannah Montana. She played the iconic character on her Disney Channel show of the same name. She used the show to launch her music career, recording music as both the character and herself.

2. She changed up her sound and her image as she got older.

After spending a few years under the radar, Miley put herself back in the headlines with her infamous performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs. The controversial performance proved to be a turning point in Miley’s career towards more mature, experimental music.

3. She returned to her roots and rebranded herself in order to appear more professional.

Miley decided to take a step back and reexamine her life with Younger Now. She returned to her country roots, along with her former “girl next door” vibe.

She knew that the crazy party girl gimmick wouldn’t work as well as she got older. Miley’s complete image overhaul helped her earn a lot of respect as a mature and professional artist.

Miley Cyrus became a music icon by constantly growing and changing in her career. People can’t stop watching her because they never know what she might do next.

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