How Mick Jenkins is Building Hype for His Debut Album

Rapper Mick Jenkins is set to release his debut album, The Healing Component, on September 23. It’s been awhile since his last project, so Jenkins is trying hard to build up the hype for this release.

Here’s how he’s gone about it.

1. He made a really awesome music video.

Generally, when you watch a music video, it’s obvious that the artist conceptualized and created the video after creating the song, or even that the artist had little hand in the creation of the video.

Mick Jenkins’ recent video for the single “Drowning” certainly does not give off that impression. The video seems more central than the song in conveying his message, and his role in it is extensive and nuanced.

It’s a piece of art worthy of sharing, which has helped build up the excitement for his upcoming album release.

2. He’s linked up with another popular artist.

Jenkins recently announced that he’ll be going on tour with fellow rapper Smino in the wake of his album release. Smino, of course, has gained a huge amount of momentum lately after the leak of the song “Living Single,” which features Big Sean and Chance the Rapper.

In teaming up with Smino, Jenkins is targeting the type of fans he knows he can attract successfully: hip-hop fans interested in the new wave of rappers such as himself. Both of them will benefit from touring together.

3. He’s earned lots of attention from music blogs by releasing information bit by bit.

Many people think Jenkins has been done with his album for a long time, with plenty of blogs writing during the springtime that he had finished up work on it. While some artists, such as Drake, would balk at the idea of putting fans on hold for so long, Jenkins has used the time to gain exposure and increase anticipation for his album.

Knowing that music blogs are thirsting for any bit of content in today’s up-to-the-minute online environment, Jenkins has gradually tossed out more information about the project: the album art, the tracklist, the release date, etc. Music blogs, with unlimited space for content, tend to produce posts about each tidbit of information, allowing Jenkins’ name to pop up in music fans’ feeds time and time again.

4. He’s using cool artwork for his album and his tour.

You might tend to think more about the music you’re making than its presentation, but eye-catching, thought-provoking visuals can really help sell music. Jenkins consistently utilizes strong artwork to build his brand.

Check out the art for his album cover. It forces you to think for a second, building intrigue for the upcoming release. That intrigue helps convince people to pre-order the album.

Jenkins is one of the hottest up-and-comers in the rap game, and he’s trying to capitalize on his current status to deliver a big success with his debut album. You can incorporate some of these ideas into the marketing of your own music releases.

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