How Alicia Keys is Creating Buzz for Her Upcoming Music

Over the past few months, Alicia Keys has been stirring up attention by going completely makeup-free. The mixed opinions about her choice have created a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. This attention is coming at the perfect time, as Keys is preparing to release a new album in the near future.

New artists can learn from Keys’s methods to gain attention. Here are some ways to get people talking about you and your music.

1. Find something you’re passionate about.

Keys has chosen to address the issue of equality through her actions. No matter how large the issue, find something that you feel strongly about. Make visible acts to display your position concerning the issue.

For example, you might wear pink every day for a month to support breast cancer awareness. Little things make a huge difference in getting people to notice you.

2. Enforce it in your music.

It’s crucial to carry your passionate stance over to your music. Once your audience sees how strongly you feel about an issue, your music will solidify the position you have made.

Keys did this on stage at the VMAs by reciting a poem inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Her poem then turned into an acapella song about peace, love, and equality. By displaying to the world that she is incorporating a passionate cause into her music, she gained more support.

3. Allow others to comment on your opinion.

With everything you do as an artist, people will form their own views. It is important to learn early on that this is okay. It shows that people care enough about what you are saying to respond.

Encourage people to leave comments on your music or videos and welcome any opinions. By giving your viewers a voice of their own, you are creating a larger voice for yourself.

4. Give snippets of what’s to come.

In the anticipation of new music, release something to keep up the excitement. Whether it be an entire song or a 30-second clip of a new music video, your audience will be excited to see what you have been working on. It will also build the momentum for new music.

Alicia Keys has been in the music spotlight for many years. However, she continues to be a prominent figure by changing her style and supporting issues she feels passionate about. Many emerging artists can learn from her techniques.

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