4 Ways to Go Viral Like Smosh

Many people remember the comedic duo Smosh as a few of the first YouTubers they ever saw online. Over the years, Smosh has gained colossal popularity, and at three different times, had the most subscribed to YouTube channel in the world. With more than 22 million subscribers, they are still as strong as ever.

Here are four things that you do to gain the same success as Smosh.

1. Center videos around a nostalgic theme.

The thing that really gave Smosh their big break was their creation of nostalgic videos. More specifically, they created many videos surrounding the Pokemon franchise. In fact, their video “Pokemon Theme Music Video” became the most viewed YouTube video of the time and launched them into success.

Even though this video mostly consisted of Ian and Anthony the Smosh duo lip-synching the Pokemon theme song in costume, fans loved it because it was hilarious and nostalgic. Check out one of Smosh’s newer Pokemon-based videos.

2. Add a memorable intro to your videos.

The beginning of your video is arguably the most important part because it needs to draw viewers in and keep them watching. Smosh has a short and funny intro that they add to most of their videos. In each intro, they include a short sound blurb that relates to the video, interrupted by Ian and Anthony saying “SHUT UP!”

This intro gives viewers a good chuckle and gets them excited for the video. Creating a signature and personalized intro is a great idea for any aspiring YouTube star.

Take a look at this compilation of years of Smosh intros.

3. Create funny competitions in your videos.

Smosh is known for many of their videos, but one particularly iconic video series that they created is the “Food Battle” series. Once a year, Ian and Anthony make a video in which they argue about their favorite foods and have a food battle to see which food is best. They try (and fail) to use their favorite foods to perform everyday activities.

These videos have been a big hit with viewers, who love the comedic and competitive aspects of the video. There are also many running gags in these videos, such as how Anthony always has a different favorite food while Ian always favors pink frosted sprinkle donuts.

In 2015, Smosh posted their tenth food battle video. Check it out below.

4. Make your videos relatable.

Another Smosh video series that has become very popular is the “Every ___ Ever” series. In these videos, the actors portray stereotypes of a variety of different things or people, such as high schoolers, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and supervillains.

Fans love these videos because they are hilarious and relatable. It is always smart to make videos that people can find themselves in. The creators of Smosh also make these videos more inclusive and interesting by using new actors.

Smosh is an iconic YouTube channel that millions of people have been following for years. If you make your videos nostalgic and relatable and add competitions and intros to your videos, then you too can become a YouTube icon.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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