How “Hotline Bling” Became An Internet Sensation

On October 26, 2016, popular hip-hop artist Drake released his single “Hotline Bling.” This song, although popular, generated some crazy parodies and memes following its release. YouTube was a platform for many of these crazy spoofs of the original video.

Here is how “Hotline Bling” became an internet sensation.

1. This song of Drake’s was different from his previous work.

Drake is known for his particular beats he uses in his music, and his videos usually encompass what his lyrics are describing. “Hotline Bling” was different because it had a different vibe compared other music he worked on previously. Drake’s music is usually very catchy, and his music videos are popular whenever they are released.

Here is an example of Drake’s previous work.

2. Drake’s dance moves got the viewers talking.

Drake’s dance moves in the video created quite a bit of feedback from the viewers and media. The video was shared on social media, and most people thought it was quite interesting and funny, as it departed from his usual music videos. Drake was actually dancing in this particular video, and viewers felt it was funny that various people spoofed and parodied it.

Here is an example of a parody from SNL.

3. Fans generated memes following the music video.

This particular music video of Drake’s managed to gain a lot of attention from viewers. People were interested in the details in the music video that they created made video responses with memes following its release.

Here are some of the memes in one video.

4. The music video was marketed well.

Drake managed to capture a vast audience due to a catchy tune and music video that was unique. The song dominated the Billboard charts. On YouTube, the music video has over a billion views and around five million likes, which shows how successfully it was marketed on Drake’s Vevo channel.

These examples listed above show how “Hotline Bling: became so successful following its release and why it still is popular with various memes and parodies. This particular song of Drake’s was popular, as it was marketed in such a way that it would gain attention from various viewers.

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