How Markiplier Continues to be a Fast Growing YouTube Sensation

Markiplier turned the art of the “Let’s Play” into a collection of millions of loyal subscribers and a fanbase that only continues to grow. Take a look at how he is able to create and maintain his YouTube success.

1. He finds out what works for him.

Many YouTube gaming content creators only want to create content around games that they are good at or games that they like. Markiplier took a different approach by gravitating towards scary or horror Let’s Plays that have genuinely caused him distress but have also gained him millions of fans.

Even though he may need a cardiologist in the near future, he seems to have tapped into the understanding that this is the content that his fans appreciate. Therefore, he continues to make it. His reactions coupled with his high spirits and comical witty responses are engaging, relatable, expert.

2. He appreciates his fans.

YouTube content creators are nothing without their subscribers and viewers. Markiplier made it especially clear to his fans how much he appreciated them by making milestone videos every time he reached another subscriber milestone. Markiplier recorded his reactions to some of the fan videos that have been put together on his behalf and has honored and adorned his fans with appreciation and praise.

Just 11 months ago, he celebrated 10 million subscribers, and his current numbers are well on their way to 15 million. This is another key to his growing success as the people who watch him feel appreciated and as if they’re a part of his world.

3. He isn’t afraid to branch out and be real.

Markiplier has not just remained in the land of “Let’s Plays.” He has branched out to collaborations with friends, creating many different engaging series that include playing games and those that do not. He has created completely random videos, and with the support of his subscribers, they have become massive YouTube hits.

He has also experienced fatigue and loss and was not afraid to share that with his subscribers, which transcended him to a special brand of content creator. Not only is he someone who makes his fans laugh, scream, and cry, but he is also someone who is able to be serious and real with them.

Markiplier took the simple idea of playing games on YouTube and turned it into massive success by finding his niche, appreciating his subscribers, and not being afraid to branch out and be real. If you are looking to create a loyal fanbase, gain subscribers, and amass a following that will support your endeavors, looking to Markiplier for ideas is a great way to find inspiration.

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