3 Ways Charlamagne Tha God Became an Authority in Music Media

Charlamagne Tha God has dissed nearly everyone in the hip-hop industry at one time or another. He has become a villain for rappers who are on his radar. He champions those he respects but blasts rappers and singers who aren’t up to his standards.

While doing this he gets a lot of views, but why? What sets him apart from anyone else with an opinion?

1. He’s paid his dues.

Charlamange has worked in the media industry for years, getting his start as an intern on the Wendy Williams Radio Show. He used his connections gained from his work on her show to go on and become part of The Breakfast Club radio show.

The two have since had a falling out, but Charlamagne is still thankful for what she has done for him.

2. He’s critical.

During one of Kanye West’s many drastic career changes, Charlamagne let it be known that he wasn’t into it. Charlamagne didn’t shy away from saying what he felt about someone who is of larger status than he is.

The critic went after Kanye for being contradictory to his own philosophy. Over one million views later, people are still watching it.

3. He gives a great interview.

As much time as Charlamagne spends time being asked questions, he pulls no punches when speaking with other artists. After his many rants on Kanye, Charlamagne had the artist on his radio show to speak about the image change face to face.

He later called this his greatest interview and has since had Kanye back for more interviews.

Whether it be going after celebrities with his unique personality, starting out with established radio personalities, or talking to an esteemed guest, Charlamagne has used his opinion to help gain views for the videos he appears in. Be unique, be brash, and don’t be afraid to go after people who are already established.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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