How Loey Lane Uses Her Vlogs to Share a Message

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Loey Lane is no stranger to success. With more than a million subscribers, Loey has built a strong platform from which she can share everything from style advice to storytimes.

However, rather than simply making tutorials and telling stories about herself, Loey uses her channel to spread a positive message of body confidence. Loey’s self-love anthem is what makes her truly shine as a YouTube star.

Here’s how Loey Lane uses her vlogs to spread a positive message.

1. She built up a loyal audience by providing quality content.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a successful YouTube channel. Loey has been going strong since 2013, and she shows no signs of stopping now

What keeps Loey’s channel growing is her loyal fanbase. She earned her subscribers’ dedication by providing them with quality beauty and fashion-related content. Loey gives honest reviews and demonstrates achievable looks.

Here’s one of Loey’s trustworthy product reviews.

2. She empowers her viewers by showing them the truth rather than telling.

In a society that teaches young women that skinny is a synonym for beautiful, Loey proves those words dead wrong. She’s jaw-dropping in whatever she wears, and she encourages her viewers to dress for the body they have with her stunning plus-sized lookbooks.

Loey spreads her message of body positivity by showing her viewers how beautiful they are. Rather than just preaching at them, she uses herself as an example, which gives viewers more of a reason to believe her.

Watch one of Loey’s princess-worthy lookbooks below.

3. She shares personal anecdotes.

Loey is passionate about body confidence because it’s something that she didn’t always have. She shares her insights with viewers through personal storytime vlogs.

By hearing about an experience that may match their own, viewers tune their ears to what Loey is really saying. They trust her and her message because she’s been in the same place they have.

Here is one of Loey’s most inspiring stories.

Loey Lane uses the platform that YouTube has given her to reach out to those who may be struggling with their own body confidence. By voicing her own struggles, Loey gives her viewers a voice of their own.

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