4 Reasons LA Rush & Sannanda Totally Rocks

LA Rush & Sannanda is an incredible music duo from the west coast of Sweden. They’ve been performing together since 2008, and nothing is stopping them now.

Here are four reasons why LA Rush & Sannanda rocks.

1. They’re carving their own niche in the music industry.

Rather than simply picking a popular genre to force their music into, LA Rush and Sannanda decided to create their own unique mash-up. The duo’s brand of music is called Funky/Dream-House Vocal-Trance. They even release music through their own label, Rush Records Sweden.

Get to know the band better in this awesome mini-documentary they produced.

2. LA Rush is a DJ and producer.

Producers like Calvin Harris and Zedd have taken over the charts in recent years. Right on their coattails is DJ and producer Lennie Andersson, who is better known as LA Rush.

When it comes to music, he also composes, remixes, and writes songs. LA Rush is a director, video photographer, and voice actor as well.

Check out LA Rush’s club remix of “Let Me Love You.”

3. Sannanda was nominated for a Grammy.

Sandra Oldenstam, a.k.a. Sannanda, is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter. She is also a co-producer, video photographer, and actress.

Listen to one of Sannanda’s beautiful original songs here.

4. Their latest single is poised to take over international charts.

In 2015, LA Rush & Sannanda toured Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The two singles they released that year, “You Are The One” and “One Touch Of Heaven,” received great responses from radio stations all over the world.

Now, this duo is back with their latest single, “Hall of Mountain King.”

Check it out below!

La Rush & Sannanda prove that great music comes from all over the world. With the immeasurable talent they possess and the drive that they’ve shown, this Swedish duo is well on their way to the top of the charts.

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