How Liza Koshy Got 10 Million Subscribers In 2 Years

Many of the top content creators have taken almost ten years to get their subscriber count into the double digits. However, for former Vine queen Liza Koshy, conquering YouTube took almost no time at all.

Here’s how Liza Koshy gained ten million subscribers in two years.

1. She creates highly shareable content.

Liza Koshy doesn’t take herself too seriously. She learned a lot about creating short, funny videos when she was a Vine star. Now, she uses the same strategies to create longer videos that many people can relate to.

Whether it’s the struggles of impossible beauty standards or everyone’s obsession with Target, Liza creates the kind of videos that any viewer can proudly post to his or her Facebook wall.

2. She often works with other top content creators.

Liza has collaborated with a lot of other YouTube stars, such as The Gabbie Show and Lilly Singh. These kinds of videos have helped Liza gain fans from other creators’ audiences.

She also frequently collaborates with her boyfriend, fellow YouTuber David Dobrik.

3. She has a sense of humor that a wide audience can appreciate.

Liza is most famous for her sense of humor. She’s silly and lighthearted, and her content follows suit. Watching her videos is a nice break for many viewers, and her style of humor is the kind of funny that most everyone can appreciate.

Liza Koshy hit such a major YouTube milestone so quickly because she creates the kind of content that a wide audience can appreciate. Adopt the same strategies into your own content creation to reach your next subscriber milestone.

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