3 Videos You Can Film In 20 Minutes Or Less

Creating a good video usually requires hours of planning, preparation, filming, and editing. However, with the right idea, it is possible to film a great video in less time than it takes for a pizza delivery.

Here are three videos that you can film in twenty minutes or less.

1. Do a tag.

Videos such as “The Boyfriend Tag” or “The Mom Tag” have been around almost as long as YouTube itself. Subscribers love a peek into your personal life, and this kind of video is a great way to introduce them to an important person in your life.

For a tag video, all you have to do is sit down with your loved one and answer a few questions.

2. Play a silly game.

The odds are that either you or someone you know has a wacky board game or card game laying around. Grab a unique game and a few friends, then play a few rounds for the camera.

Videos like this get viewers laughing and inspire them to try the game for themselves.

3. Share a few facts about yourself.

What’s easier to talk about than yourself? You are the world expert, after all. Share a few fun facts with your subscribers and ask them what they have in common with you.

You can even put your own twist on this kind of video, like this creator did.

Filming a great video doesn’t have to take up half your afternoon. Try one of these ideas next time you want to get out a quality video quickly.

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