How Kamaiyah Made the Hottest Mixtape of 2016

Oakland native Kamaiyah has received exquisite feedback on her first mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto. After her hit single “How Does It Feel” spread like wildfire, Kamaiyah gained the potential to be one of the biggest female rappers of her generation.

Here are a few ways that Kamaiyah became of the the hottest rappers in the game.

1. Don’t overanalyze.

Kamaiyah’s spunk has proven that creating music doesn’t have to be difficult. She admitted that she wrote the song “How Does It Feel” in 15 minutes, stating that what people want to hear is what comes out easily.

While it varies with artists and style of music, it’s worth noting that sometimes just spitting out your thoughts can create a powerful song.

2. Send positive messages.

Rap and hip-hop often incorporate messages about drugs and violence. Kamaiyah challenges that standard by only inflicting positive messages in her music. She raps about being young while focusing on having fun.

Create music that makes people happy to gain positive feedback.

3. Be a role model.

One of the few visible female rappers to come out of Oakland, Kamaiyah is representing the power of women by proving that she can do anything. She has stated that everything she is doing, she is doing for women. She also speaks out about growing up in foster care and her experiences as a youth in Oakland.

By taking on the responsibility of being a positive role model, Kamaiyah has extended her fan base.

Kamaiyah is growing to be one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Musicians everywhere can learn from watching her growth process.

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