How to Become as Popular as Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie is one of the highest paid YouTube stars, raking in more than $18 million a year. With 43 million subscribers, there is no question that he is the best of the best. But how did he get to where he is now?

Here are a few ways that Pewdiepie became one of the most popular YouTube stars.

1. Understand that success takes time.

Pewdiepie was posting videos for at least five years before he started to get attention. Slowly, the fans began to trickle in.

In order to ensure that your videos will become popular, you must understand that it could take years. Remain consistent in your content and keep posting videos regardless of how many people are watching.

2. Be willing to make fun of yourself.

Aside from his crude humor, Pewdiepie often makes jokes about himself. By allowing himself to make fun of everything, he grows his following.

Don’t hold back on entertaining your viewers, even if it means embarrassing yourself. A good laugh goes a long way on YouTube, and you will see major growth when you let go of shyness.

3. Treat your viewers like friends.

Although he has millions of views on each of his videos, Pewdiepie remains casual and humble in his content. He speaks to the camera like he would speak to his best friend. This makes viewers feel comfortable and relaxed.

Don’t ever let popularity get to your head because as soon as it does, you will stop growing. Stay humble and treat your fans with the same respect that you would show to your close friends.

4. Make something for everyone.

Pewdiepie is known for his gaming videos and the commentary that accompanies them. However, he tends to mix up his content and occasionally creates videos that have nothing to do with gaming. This gives viewers a vast array of videos so anyone can watch something that suits their preference.

Determine your target audience and stick to it, but also incorporate other variations of content so that you can relate to more people.

These tips will help to ensure your content doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep working hard and someday you can be as popular as Pewdiepie is.

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