How Jenna Marbles Earned Millions Of Subscribers

Jenna Marbles is a longtime fixture in the YouTube community. She was one of the first major internet stars to make a name for herself with nothing more than a video camera and a crazy idea.

Here’s how Jenna Marbles earned eighteen million subscribers and unmatchable internet fame.

1. Her first viral video hit home with millions of viewers.

Jenna’s first viral video amassed a whopping 67 million views. Viewers everywhere related to “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” because most of them have felt insecure at least once in their lives. Jenna’s video put common insecurities about appearance into a satirical new light.

2. She continued to produce viral videos in the same stream as the original.

Now, eight years later, Jenna still makes videos that viewers love for the very same reason. More recently, she uploaded her “Ultimate 100 Coats of Things” video, which hit more than fifteen million views. This video also went viral, getting coverage from Buzzfeed and other pop culture media outlets. Viewers loved the video because it covered a popular YouTube trend with the same quirky sense of sarcasm that first made Jenna famous.

3. She supplements her video content with a blog and a podcast.

As her YouTube presence grew, Jenna branched out to create other forms of content. She runs a personal blog as well as a podcast that she co-hosts with her boyfriend Julien. These series supplement Jenna’s video content, increasing her online presence even more.

4. She takes subscriber requests.

Jenna keeps her fans waiting for new videos by taking subscriber requests from her Facebook page. For example, when fans asked how many balloons it would take to make her dog fly, Jenna invented a fun and safe way to find an answer for them.

Jenna Marbles runs one of the most popular YouTube channels of all time. She’s an inspiration to aspiring YouTube stars everywhere.

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