How This Indie Duo Successfully Released A New EP

Indie duo Heffron Drive has been traveling all over the world to bring new music to fans. Most recently, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin belt have played Italy and Russia. They kicked off their next set of international shows with the release of the Slow Motion EP, which came out February 10.

Here’s how this indie duo successfully released a new EP.

1. They released the EP at midnight in each respective time zone.

Anytime that Heffron Drive releases new music, it comes out at midnight for each and every fan. Kendall and Dustin always make sure that their fans know they can get new music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify at the same time.

Set a specific time for your next release as well as a date. That way, your fans can count down the minutes. They may even plan their own release parties!

2. They promoted the EP after releasing a new single.

Heffron Drive announced its plans to release Slow Motion soon after dropping the band’s latest single, “Living Room.” This was the perfect marketing move because “Living Room” is featured on the new EP, so it introduced longtime listeners to the band’s updated, more alternative style.

You should always lead a big release with a single. Even better, follow that single with a music video.

3. They booked shows to follow the EP’s release.

When Slow Motion dropped, Heffron Drive was already on the way to Moscow to perform in Russia for the very first time. The band also scheduled upcoming shows in St. Petersburg and Paris.

Touring after releasing new music is a great way to bring you new material right to your fans.

Heffron Drive’s Slow Motion EP is climbing up the alternative charts. Follow these tips to make your next music release just as successful as theirs.

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