4 Videos You Can Film In Fifteen Minutes

In order to maximize your views and ad revenue, you should be putting out as much original content as possible. However, coming up with new video ideas can be difficult, and filming them can be extremely time-consuming.

Here are four videos that you can film in fifteen minutes or less.

1. Share a storytime.

How many of your conversations start with “Hey, remember when…?” Let your viewers in on the joke by sharing your best stories with them in a storytime video. Vloggers such as The Gabbie Show and Tana Mongeau have made it big time with their storytelling skills.

Here’s one of Tana’s ever-popular Uber storytimes.

2. Do a Q-and-A.

Every YouTuber has filmed a question-and-answer video at least once in his or her career. The premise is simple: ask your fans to tweet you questions, and share your answers in a video.

Liza Koshy recently did an awesome Q-and-A.

3. React to hate comments.

Rather than letting the haters get to you, why not make light of their mean comments with a laugh-out-loud reaction? Viewers love to watch their favorite vloggers shake off the bullies by reacting to hate comments in a video.

The Gabbie Show got more than two million views when she read hate comments on her channel.

4. Try not to cringe!

You can try not to cringe, laugh, smile, or cry. There are compilation videos on YouTube that you can find and watch. Film your reactions and share the results with your viewers.

Shane Dawson’s viewers love to watch him try to cringe.

Filming a great video doesn’t have to take long. Next time you’re crunched for time, grab a camera and one of these quick ideas.

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