The 4 People All Musicians Should Have In Their Networks

In the music industry, a lot of your success can boil down to who you know. In major music cities, it can be easy to connect with music industry professionals at parties, concerts, and other events. For local musicians, networking may mean diving deeper into your community music scene or connecting with professionals online.

Here are the four people that all musicians should have in their networks.

1. An instrumentalist can help you land a gig in a pinch.

An instrumentalist can be your guitar-playing neighbor or the pianist at your parents’ church. Having people in your circle who can play instruments means that you’ll always have a backing band that you can call.

You can connect with local instrumentalists by attending shows in your community, volunteering with a music school, or working at a music store.

2. A club promoter can help you make connections and find venues.

A promoter’s job is to bring in the kind of people who will attract even more people to his or her club. If you’ve already got a decent following online, then you’re probably the kind of person that they’re looking for.

By hanging with a club promoter, you’ll be able to connect with other VIPs in your area. You’ll also have a direct connection to an awesome potential venue.

Try following promoters from big cities near you on social media or visiting the venues that they represent.

3. A writer can share ideas for new lyrics.

Writers most always dream of sharing their ideas with the world. If you’re lyrically challenged or just looking for a change, then having a writer you can call is a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Find local writer groups online and attend a few meetings. You can also check with your local library for poetry readings and other literary events.

4. A vlogger will get your face out there.

Most everyone has that friend who just doesn’t put down the camera. If you already have a vlogger friend, invite him or her along backstage to your next gig or to the recording studio. If you don’t have any vloggers in your network already, look online to find a few nearby and offer them free access to your next show.

Vloggers great friends to have because they’re always looking for the next big thing that they can share with their fans.

Finding success in the music industry is one part talent and one part connections. By adding these four people to your network, you’ll be a few steps closer to achieving your dreams.

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