How Jamie Grace Turned Her YouTube Channel Into a Music Career

Before Jamie Grace was a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, she was a young woman with a YouTube channel and a crazy dream. As she’s preparing to release a new album, Jamie Grace is still making YouTube a part of her success.

Here’s how Jamie Grace turned her YouTube channel into a music career.

1. She’s been posting videos for ten years.

Jamie Grace first began posting videos of her songs in July of 2006. Ten years later, she still uploads vlogs and music videos on a scheduled basis.

In the early days of Jamie Grace’s channel, her videos got her music noticed by Audio Adrenaline’s Mark Stuart and David Mullen.

This cover video was one of Jamie Grace’s first uploads.

2. She took advantage of the opportunities the recognition gave her.

The recognition that Jamie Grace got from her videos led to a sing and acting gig with the TV show iShine. She also went on tour with iShine.

In 2010, rapper and singer Toby Mac discovered Jamie Grace’s channel and subsequently signed her to his record label, Gotee Records.

Jamie Grace and Toby Mac recorded her first single, “Hold Me,” together.

3. She used YouTube to stay connected with her audience.

In August of 2016, Jamie Grace announced her departure from Gotee Records. However, she has since signed with another label and plans to release new music soon.

Jamie Grace used YouTube as a way to keep her audience even as her music career was changing courses. She is in season three of “The Jamie Grace Show” on her channel.

Check out an episode below!

4. She filmed her latest music video in the YouTube Space LA.

To pay homage to her YouTube roots, Jamie Grace filmed the video for her newest single in the YouTube Space in LA. Rather than film the video closer to her home in Atlanta, Georgia, Jamie Grace wisely took advantage of the resources that YouTube offers to its most successful creators.

Jamie Grace is back and better than ever, and YouTube is the perfect stage.

Watch her video for “Party Like A Princess” here!

Since she first started uploaded covers, Jamie Grace has reached the level of success that most YouTube musicians only dream of. She’s proof that hard work and dedication will help you achieve your wildest dreams.

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