How to Expand Your Audience

YouTube isn’t just about getting views; it’s about building a loyal audience. You can expand your audience by making your videos more accessible to different kinds of viewers.

Here’s how to expand your audience.

1. Add closed captions to your videos.

Adding closed captions to your videos makes them more accessible for viewers who are in the deaf or hard-of-hearing communities. YouTube makes it easy for creators to add closed captions files.

Lilly Singh added closed captions to this video so that all of her fans could enjoy it.

2. Add subtitles for international viewers.

If you want to reach an international audience, then you should add subtitles to your videos. If you can’t translate them yourself, then consider how you can get someone to translate them for you. You could even ask multilingual subscribers to help you out!

This video will show you how to add subtitles and closed captions to your videos.

3. Collaborate with creators on the opposite end of the spectrum.

To attract new viewers from different parts of YouTube, you should meet them where they are. Collaborate with someone who’s content is much different from your own. Both of you will be able to reach an entirely new audience.

Gamer and vlogger Joey Graceffa and performer Miranda Sings create some of the best collabs, despite their many differences.

Reaching new audiences is all about meeting your potential viewers where they are. When you make your content more accessible, you make it more likely to be seen by new people.

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