How ItsBambii Became a YouTube Sensation

With a few hundred thousand subscribers, there’s no doubt that ItsBambii is a social media star. Here’s how she became a YouTube sensation.

1. She built an emotional connection with her subscribers.

Bambii discusses her journey as a transgender female in depth on her channel. This is really personal, and sharing such personal information makes people feel closer to her.

Discussing this on an open forum allows people to connect and makes the YouTuber more relatable. Bambii made the announcement on her page explaining that she’s transgender and has allowed subscribers to follow her on the journey.

Here is a video of Bambii telling her coming out story.

2. She’s able to laugh at herself.

She doesn’t seem to take anything too serious. In her videos, she’s always discussing mistakes she’s made, laughing at herself, and quickly getting over it.

Laughing at herself makes Bambii seem more down-to-earth and relatable. Everyone goes through stuff, and it’s better to laugh it off and move on.

Here’s a video of Bambii sharing her most embarrassing moment with the world.

3. She participates in challenges.

Participating in online challenges is a great way to keep your channel interesting and easy to find through searches. Bambii participates in challenges often and even creates her own.

Here is video of Bambii putting on 100 layers of Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick.

4. She keeps her subscribers updated.

Whether it’s about her journey with hormone pills, a challenge she’s facing, or just venting about a tough day, there is content uploaded multiple times during the week on Bambii’s YouTube channel.

In the snapshot below, viewers can see that Bambii posts often on an assortment of topics. The theme of her channel is her personal life, and she makes sure to share as much of that as possible.

In this screenshot of her channel, you can see the various topics her videos discuss.

Becoming a YouTube star will require personality and willingness to open up to complete strangers since these strangers become supporters. Share your story with them to build a connection. Don’t make yourself seem too perfect; be relatable and laugh at your mishaps. If there is a trend going on, participate! Always remember that the subscribers want to see more of you, so don’t disappear for too long.

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