How Jimmy Kimmel Made “Mean Tweets” an Internet Staple

Talk show hosts come up with great segments for their show. Even though they are on a television platform, their segments really take off on YouTube. One segment that talk show host Jimmy Kimmel introduced is “Mean Tweets,” where he shows celebrities reading negative tweets about themselves. Since it first aired, “Mean Tweets” gets millions of views on a consistent basis and many viewers look forward to a new edition.

Here is how the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show produced an internet staple:

1. Feature A-list celebrities.

Viewers love learning more about their favorite celebrities. Whenever a celebrity is in a video, views increase. For the average Youtuber, it would obviously be difficult to feature a celebrity on your channel. But, if your videos talk about Hollywood stars, your view count will definitely rise.

2. Provide hilarious content.

Although they do not advocate cyber bullying, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show found a way to make these rude tweets funny. The tweets are usually grammatically incorrect and have a certain sense of humor that satisfies most viewers.

The celebrities reading the tweets is half the fun. The viewers gets to see their reaction and laugh along. Rude tweets alone aren’t funny, but if you add in the high profile stars reacting, it’s a comedic goldmine. It’s important for your channel to have some humor, even if it is not comedy based. Find what is funny, and tailor it to your specific channel.

3. Make it relatable.

There are over 300 million active twitter users in the world. There is a good chance that most of them have experienced some form of cyber bullying. Whether a viewer had a horrible experience or an incident not as major, there is something so comforting knowing that other people are going through the same things.

Producers at Jimmy Kimmel Live! knew that a segment would do well if people can relate to it. Your channel should mimic that same ideal on some level. Viewers love to watch content if they feel like they can relate.

Jimmel Kimmel crossed the line from TV to Internet. Because of these tactics, he was able to take a televised segment and make it blow up on YouTube. Although your channel may not be as big as the Jimmy Kimmel Live! channel, these tips can definitely help grow your fan-base.

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