How Fall Out Boy Is Promoting Its Upcoming Album

The new Fall Out Boy album isn’t due until September, but the band is already busting its chops to get the word out. They’ve been keeping their name in the news with TV appearances and teases. Both longtime fans and new fans are ready for the album to drop.

Here’s how Fall Out Boy is promoting its upcoming album.

1. The band is headlining a few major shows.

Before embarking on an international tour next year, Fall Out Boy is taking the stage with radio festivals. This week, the band turned the Empire State Building purple for the Elvis Duran Summer Bash in New York City.

2. The album is associated with a certain color.

Everything Fall Out Boy related is going purple in celebration of the upcoming album, Mania. The band’s official social media pages are awash in hues of violet, and every promotional image bleeds purple.

3. A new music video release brings attention to a bigger project.

Right now, most of Fall Out Boy’s promotional efforts are focused on “Champion,” the lead single off of the upcoming album. They’ve been making the rounds on late night talk shows this week in order to promote the song’s forthcoming music video. The band even teased the video’s special celebrity cameo.

Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album is already set up for success. By promoting new music video first and branding the album a certain way, the band is ready to top the charts in September.

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