Why Kesha’s Latest Music Video Got Trending

Pop princess Kesha is back with plans to release her first album in several years. Since her return to the music charts with “Praying,” Kesha has been working hard to get new material to her audience as quickly as possible.

Kesha’s newest music video, “Learn To Let Go,” gained more than 1.7 million views its first day of release. It peaked at #13 on YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s why Kesha’s latest music video got trending.

1. The video itself is extremely personal.

These days, many artists want their music videos to tell a story. Kesha, however, decided that, for “Learn To Let Go,” the only story that she wanted to tell was her own. The music video itself begins with clips of Kesha’s home videos, transitioning into a storyline where the grown-up Kesha is watching old videos on her TV.

2. It’s a stark contrast to her previous music videos.

When Kesha first hit the music scene, her music videos were as wild as the image that her management forced upon her. She was a glitter-covered, table-dancing party girl. However, her new material is more in tune with who Kesha truly wants to be as an artist. It’s simple, honest, and real.

3. She struck while the iron was hot after another successful release.

“Praying,” Kesha’s comeback music video, received more than 23 million views in just three weeks. The beautiful ballad turned all heads in the music industry back towards Kesha, and she released her next music video while all eyes were still on her.

Kesha’s new music video for “Learn To Let Go” is already setting her career back into motion. She’s taking her fans along on her journey back to the top of the charts.

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