How Going Outside Can Liven Up Your Channel

Sometimes, YouTube will host videos made by people who have managed to catch incredible events such as car crashes or even natural disasters. While you don’t have to go that far to create an interesting video, it is worth going outside and finding what you can to record on your smartphone or camera.

1. Be prepared and take advantage.

Aspiring YouTubers should always have the necessary tools on their person at all times, such as their smartphones. You never know what kind of event that could be happening near you that you could record.

If you are unlucky enough to be caught in something like a natural disaster, you should first get to a safe location and then record what you can, because people will be interested in what happened and whether or not people are safe.

2. Sometimes, you have to take charge.

There are times when there might not be anything interesting happening around you that is worth recording. That doesn’t have to limit what kind of video you can record. Much like a journalist who goes out and seeks interesting stories, YouTubers should go out and find anything that they notice as interesting.

For example, sites that include pianos for the public to play (like at train stations) often have people pulling off incredible performances worth recording.

3. People love the beauty of nature.

Even without natural disasters or incredible performances by people around you, sometimes, it’s enough to just go to a beautiful place and record what you see. Going to popular tourist spots such as Yosemite National Park and creating a video of the wonders of nature will not only bring viewers to see the sights, it may even spark interest in the place and bring tourists there.

It helps if you want to add some music to set the tone, making the video even more appealing (find places like the Free Music Archive online for those purposes).

For content creators lost on what kind of video they could make, going outside and finding something to record is a potential choice. Viewers love to see the natural world around them as much as they like to see creative projects made by others.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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