How to Keep Your Music Videos Interesting

Music videos allow musicians to accompany their song with artistic or entertaining visuals. When filming your next music video, make sure it will stand out from the crowd and really help audiences remember your song. Here are a few ways to keep your video interesting and satisfying to your audiences:

1. Extend it.

The music video for Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” features several minute-long monologues set against orchestral versions of the song. The dramatic extension of the song into something like a short film leaves a chilling, lasting impression on viewers.

If you’re releasing a music video, it’s likely that your listeners have already heard your song, so try to show them something new by extending it.

2. Involve your audience.

One Direction’s music video for “Night Changes” is filmed to seem like the band is directly interacting with the viewer. The video humorously makes the viewer feel like they are on a date with each of the band members. It starts out charmingly and ends in disaster.

In your next video, try directly involving your audience. This can help them truly connect to your song.

3. Tell a new story.

The beauty of music videos lies in the fact that they allow musicians to tell a new story accompanied by their song. Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” communicates her frustration with being called over and over again when she is trying to enjoy her night. However, the music video has an entirely different and seemingly unrelated plot.

A music video is an opportunity to show your audience something different. Be creative and tell them a new story.

Music videos allow musicians to use their creativity and visually enhance their music.

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Jana DeGuzman is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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