How This Video Got 2 Million+ Views In A Month

Dan Howell is one of the biggest names on YouTube. Along with his best friend Phil Lester, Dan had written a book, toured the world, and released a documentary. His YouTube channel danisnotonfire has more than six million subscribers.

Dan’s recent video “Internet Support Group 9” got more than two million views since it was uploaded last month. Here’s how his video got so popular.

1. The video depended on viewer involvement.

In his Internet Support Group videos, Dan hosts a Q&A session for his viewers. However, rather than the typical Twitter questions that most creators get, Dan specifically asks his subscribers to submit questions asking for advice. The description of the video even says, “Email with your Name/Age/Location and tell me your deepest secrets for a future episode.”

Getting your viewers involved in the creation of your videos is the best way to get them watching. They’ll tune in to see if their submission was chosen for a shoutout.

Check out the previous Internet Support Group below.

2. It’s the latest installment of a popular video series.

Dan has long been referring to his channel as “the internet support group.” So, in 2012, he filmed his first official Internet Support Group video. Since then, viewers can’t get enough of Dan’s sarcastic life advice.

If you create a video that your viewers love, then you should consider turning it into a series.

Take a look at the first Internet Support Group Below.

3. It’s really his sense of humor that keeps viewers coming back.

Most of his viewers know that Dan’s life advice won’t actually be that helpful. However, they love to see him react to their crazy problems and even the occasional prank. One viewer even trolled Dan with the entire script of the Bee Movie in morse code.

Viewers love a content creator they can joke around with. Be open with your viewers and let your personality shine.

Check out another Internet Support Group here.

Dan Howell created a series he loved with the Internet Support Group series. Follow these tips to start a successful video series of your own.

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