How This Content Creator Is Shaking Up YouTube Stereotypes

Sips is rubbish at video games. He’s the first one to say it. He didn’t let that deter him from becoming a major YouTube gamer, though. In fact, his channel is about to reach two million subscribers.

Here’s why people are tuning in to watch him flop.

1. He makes gamers feel better about not being very good.

The average gamer is nowhere near the skill level of the YouTube gamer, and that makes sense. people are generally entertained by watching skilled gamers. Sips decided to sympathize, rather than alienate, the wide audience of people who just aren’t that good at video games.

2. Sips is the king of self-deprecation.

The whole premise of the channel is a self-aware joke. Sips is laughing at himself behind the camera, and crying in front of it. This is the only sensible way to market a channel based around playing video games without skill. It’s hilarious to watch someone spawn, die, spawn again, die again, and then put his head down in shame.

3. He picks good video games for bad gamers.

If all he played were games like Dark Souls, which requires a ton of skill to get through even five minutes, his channel would get really old really fast. Instead, Sips plays games like Rust that allow players to interact and screw each other over. He plays Minecraft because you don’t have to do anything but play with blocks, and it’s funny to watch someone struggle with that.

4. He’s getting better.

Perhaps even more entertaining than watching someone crash and burn over and over is watching him improve. It’s inspiring to see someone as bad at video games as Sips slowly get better. It sends a message to the world that you can always learn and grow, and failure is just a part of that.

Sips has a great sense of humor and is very aware of his limitations. He fought the stereotype of the skilled YouTube gamer and found success by highlighting his own flaws, and for that he deserves recognition.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s playing video games.

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