How This Media Channel Earned A Million Subscribers

YouTube has become a platform for many social media and entertainment brands. Some Youtube channels focus exclusively on entertainment media. One such channel is Looper, which has focused primarily on television and film topics.

This channel has been rising in popularity and has become a center for information concerning visual entertainment. These are the reasons why Looper has earned over one million subscribers on YouTube.

1. Looper’s video topics inform viewers about particular media.

Videos on Looper’s channel are a good source of information regarding film entertainment. The channel presents information that is concise and clear, which helps viewers understand certain things in a movie or show they are confused about.

Below is an example of their clear explanation regarding a film.

2. Their diverse video content is entertaining.

Looper’s videos vary in terms of film titles and also what they are focusing on for a particular video topic. They may talk about Easter eggs in a movie or how an actor’s career has changed.

The videos themselves are diverse in terms of content, which shows their ability to find and report information to viewers.

Below is an example of their diverse video content.

3. Looper’s video titles and thumbnails reel viewers in.

Looper’s success can be attributed not only to their video content but also to their ability to market their videos with the titles and thumbnails they utilize. This helps their videos be found by viewers and also attract new viewers because the titles themselves are catchy and concise.

Below is an example of this.

Above are the reasons why Looper has earned over one million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their video topics are informative, and their video content is diverse, which is entertaining. The thumbnails and video titles they utilize are appealing and catchy to viewers.

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