How Christina Grimmie Became A YouTube Music Icon

Christina Grimmie was one person who could attribute her success to YouTube. She started posting videos to YouTube in 2009 at the age of fifteen. She gained popularity after covering Miley Cyrus songs. She attributed her success to sticking to her strengths.

1. She emulated popular musicians.

Grimmie started covering popular music on her channel in 2009. The keywords she added to her videos allowed the videos to be seen when people searched for the songs she was covering. Once she gained a following, she branched out to different types of music.

This was the video that put her on the map.

2. She personalized her videos.

Grimmie began sharing videos that let her subscribers get to know the real her. She submitted her videos to a My YouTube competition and gained millions of views. Some of her videos include her visiting museums, commercials, and her overall passions. Her personality showed through in her videos and her viewers loved seeing it.

This video looks at her personality.

3. She took requests from her viewers.

One thing that made Christina such an online presence was her ability to connect with her viewers. She would post videos that showed her passion, but then when she received requests, she followed through and posted videos her subscribers wanted as well.

This is an important way to keep subscribers. If you keep up with your subscribers and show you care, your career will continue to grow.

This video showed her request response.

Christina Grimmie could have been the next Selena Gomez or Celine Dion. Unfortunately, in 2016 after her concert in Florida, she was killed by a suicidal fan. She will be missed by many artists, and her talent will be a loss to the music industry. Aspiring artists can honor the memory of Christina Grimmie by following in her brave footsteps.

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