How Cardi B Became a Rap Sensation

Cardi B has been a popular influencer in the social media world since 2014. Her blunt honesty and confidence are exuded in all of her photos and videos. After Cardi B became a fixture on the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop, her music catapulted and surpassed a lot of expectations.

Here’s how Cardi B went from a dancer in Brooklyn to a poppin’ female MC.

1. She used her social media for good, not evil.

She used her social media accounts to entertain people (good) instead of spamming them (evil). She wasn’t sending out a ridiculous number of links or trading shoutout for shoutouts. Her honesty made her likable, which made people curious about her music.

This short clip shows Cardi making jokes about reaching 200k followers on Instagram.

2. She emphasized quality over quantity.

Some artist will release a new song every other day and expect an audience to listen to every single one. Cardi did the opposite and held out until 2016 to release her first album. She knew the project was wanted by the audience, and the timing was perfect.

Cardi discusses her impressive music catalog in the video below.

3. She used reality TV to grow her following.

Cardi appeared on Love & Hip Hop, and the show’s audience fits her target market. She increased her popularity and agreed to do one additional season then quit to focus on music.

In this interview clip, Cardi explains her departure from the reality show.

Cardi built up her following then released her music, not the other way around. Build a connection with your audience, and they’ll listen without being pressured.

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