4 Videos You Need to Create This Halloween

The leaves are changing colors, costumes are up on the store shelves, and YouTubers across the globe are making Halloween-themed videos. Subscribers love seasonal videos because they help them get in the spirit.

Here are four videos that you need to create this Halloween.

1. Halloween costume DIY

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Share your costume idea with viewers by creating a step-by-step guide to getting the look. DIYs are some of the most popular videos on YouTube.

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi created this adorable guide to DIY Snapchat filter costumes for their fans.

2. Scary Storytime

With Halloween coming up, lots of viewers are looking for a good scary video. Now’s the best time to create a vlog about the night you spent in a haunted house, the time you played with a Ouija board, or the best Halloween prank you ever fell for. Be sure to add a trigger warning if your video gets a little too scary.

Vlogger Natalia Taylor shared her own story of an Ouija board gone wrong.

3. Ghostly comedy

If scary isn’t really your thing, then you should gear your next comedy video towards Halloween. Inspire a bit of evil laughter in your viewers with costume parodies and ghost-themed jokes. You could even throw in your best zombie impression for good measure.

Popular comedian Lilly Singh made a “Types of Halloween Costumes” video.

4. Gruesome recipes

Halloween is the perfect time to bust out your baking skills. Make tutorials for your favorite monster-themed snacks and drinks. Encourage your subscribers to serve up a few of your recipes and share their pictures on Instagram.

Rosanna Pansino made this DIY Halloween treats video in celebration of her favorite holiday.

Halloween is a great time to make themed videos. If you make a costume DIY, a scary storytime, ghostly comedy, and Halloween recipes, then you’ll have a scary number of subscribers in no time.

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