How Bruce Springsteen’s Tour Earned Nearly 2 Million Ticket Sales

Bruce Springsteen’s 2016 tour has been monumental. Spanning over ten countries, Springsteen has brought live music to his worldwide audience. The tour has an estimated worth of $170.7 million. Although the money will be divided among a large group of people, it is safe to say that everyone is going to go home happy. Still, no matter how established a musician is, planning for a tour is always a process.

For musicians of any genre, here are some lessons to take away from Springsteen’s tour success.

1. Have a good website.

Although word of mouth and flyers are still used as an effective form of marketing, having an intuitive website is a necessity to any band looking to make it.

Springsteen’s website is not too flashy, but it is easy to navigate. Most importantly, it is easy to find out when future tour dates are. There are also links to YouTube and ticket vendors for shows that aren’t yet sold out.

2. Have other forms of media.

As important as it is to have a record out, more fans are lured in by releasing something interactive.

Although many aspiring musicians have not written a full memoir like Springsteen has, there are still ways to create a legend out of posting interesting interviews and eye-catching photos. Let fans feel close through formats other than music.

3. Learn from experience.

Most athletes will tell people that the best practice happens through in-game experience. The same is true for music. Springsteen is a seasoned professional at his craft, which he learned through decades of performing.

The repetition of touring helps musicians hone their skills. Persevere through the tough sets and come back to the same town next year a little bit sharper.

Bruce Springsteen has molded his raw talent into an amazing amount of success. Up-and-coming musicians can do the same thing if they choose to map out their tours in the right way. Earn fans and ticket sales through great marketing, interaction, and experience.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.