How To Create An Epic Collaboration Video

Collaborations are a powerful way of expanding your reach on YouTube and reaching new viewers. Working with other channels and content creators can be refreshing and surprisingly inspiring because two minds are often better than one!

Finding and working with a more experienced YouTuber also gives you the opportunity to learn so much about the mechanics and techniques of video creation. On the other hand, working with a less experienced YouTuber lets you help a rising star improve his or her methods.

Collaborating is, without a doubt, useful for all parties, so here are a few points to keep in mind.

1. No matter the size of your partner’s audience, collaborating helps you reach more viewers.

Creators sometimes think they can only work with channels that have a similar number of subscribers or viewers, but that isn’t the way it has to be. Any content creator is more than the sum of their parts and more than just a subscriber count.

People have skills and resources that can be valuable to others and offer a unique perspective. When working together, remember to leverage your attributes to your own and your partner’s favor.

2. Combine the unique skills each partner brings to the video.

Everyone has something special they can bring to a business or artistic relationship. With YouTube, this can be anything from being able to sew costumes, write music, or create cool special effects, to unique access to interesting shooting locations, fancy cars, or interesting people.

Every channel has its own circle of viewers, so find how you can mesh each other’s demographics of YouTube subscribers, followers on other social media, or offline fans.

3. Create a collaboration video that is complementary to your channel’s content.

When you have found a channel you think you would want to collaborate with, the next step is figuring out what kind of video you want to make. Video producers should remember this: don’t make a video that is exactly what you normally do, but you also shouldn’t make something that is completely out of your ballpark.

The reason for this is that the video topic should be sufficiently unique to draw in new viewers while staying complementary to your standard videos in order to keep your subscribers interested.

4. Reach out to prospective collab partners.

You’ll want to be both respectful and intriguing when offering a collaboration. Make sure to go to a channel’s “About” tab to find out how the creator prefers to be contacted.

It is important to keep it personal and make it sound like you actually care about this channel. No one wants to get a copied and pasted spam email. Include in your message a short summary of your content and your style, while keeping in mind their own.

Collaborations are incredibly exciting and offer a unique chance to diversify your YouTube content while reaching out to new viewers. Remember to be realistic when contacting channels. The second largest channel on YouTube probably won’t have time to work with you, but you never know! So, always be looking for these new ways to reach out to the masses.

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