How AmazingPhil Turned A Vlogging Hobby Into A Lasting Career

Phil Lester has been a major player on YouTube for fifteen years. Since uploading his first video in 2006, he’s gone on to become one of the most recognizable names on the platform. However, his well-deserved success didn’t happen overnight.

Here’s how AmazingPhil turned a vlogging hobby into a lasting career.

1. He was an early adopter and continues to embrace YouTube’s latest features.

Phil was still a university student when he began uploading YouTube videos. His casual vlogs and experimental short films attracted an impressive audience, and he became one of the first big British vloggers on the platform. His channel predates other big name UK-based creators, such as Daniel Howell and Zoella.

Now, fifteen years later, Phil continues to embrace a lot of the newest features and technology available to content creators. Before YouTube Live, he hosted live broadcasts on YouNow. More recently, he began utilizing Channel Memberships to support his channel while connecting with his most dedicated fans.

2. He partnered with his best friend to create a recognizable brand.

The majority of people who recognize Phil Lester’s name probably know him as the latter half of Dan and Phil. When fellow British vlogger Daniel Howell began his own channel, he connected with Phil online, and they became fast friends. They met in person and filmed their first collab in 2009. They’ve been making videos together ever since.

More than collab partners, Dan and Phil built a brand together. They’re also longtime roommates, which has made it easier to film their collab videos and start multiple collab channels. They’ve also worked as radio hosts, gone on two world tours, written two books, created an app, created a board game, and launched a merch store together.

3. He found innovative ways to monetize his platform without sacrificing the strong connection he has with his audience.

A lot of influencers view their audience as a platform to launch their products or promote other brands, and they run the risk of exploiting their fans for money. Phil, however, prioritizes the genuine connection he has with his audience when it comes to monetizing his content. Instead of becoming the face of someone else’s product, he tends to go out and create his own.

For example, when he invented the 7-Second Challenge on YouTube, he turned it into an app so that his viewers could play the game at home. However, he doesn’t always use his channel to promote his revenue streams. He partnered with his brother and Dan to launch a merchandising company to help other YouTubers creating merch their fans will adore.

Phil Lester started a YouTube channel as an interesting hobby. However, he turned it into a lasting career by creating innovative content and building a genuine connection with his audience.

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