How To Spot Emerging YouTube Trends

Every so often, a new video trend pops up and takes YouTube by storm. Suddenly, anyone and everyone is hopping on the bandwagon and putting their own spin on the viral idea. The creator who started the trend often gains a huge boost in subscribers, and those who participate can gain a lot of new fans as well, especially if they’re among the first.

Here are a few ways to spot emerging YouTube trends.

Keep your eye on the YouTube explore page.

The explore page is the place to find all the latest trending videos on YouTube. These are the videos that viewers are watching, sharing, liking, and loving right now. Here, you can find a range of videos from every niche and every channel size.

YouTube trends can emerge from these viral videos. Therefore, you should check the YouTube explore page periodically. Look for unique video ideas from your content niche or easily replicable concepts from any creator.

Pay attention to both big name and rising creators in your content niche.

Video trends can also come from the biggest creators in your content niche. Their large audiences give them a lot of influence on the platform, and other vloggers often take inspiration from them. If you notice a video from a large creator with a higher number of views than normal, then you might want to consider replicating it on your channel. Just be sure to credit the idea back to them.

It’s not just big name creators who are coming up with viral ideas, though. You should also pay attention to what the up-and-coming creators in your content niche are up to. These rising creators could break out with a brilliant idea any second, launching their channel with a viral video. Again, if you replicate one of their video ideas, be sure to credit it back to them.

Know what’s going on with other social media platforms.

Trends can also cross over to YouTube from other social media platforms. Therefore, you should keep up with the current hot topics across the internet. Look out for any viral challenges, fan theories, or cultural conversations that could be turned into a long-form video.

Pay special attention to what’s trending on other video-based platform, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. Look out for trends that could be expanded into a longer video. Alternatively, you could test out several viral hacks or challenges in one compilation video.

Putting your own spin on YouTube trends can help grow your channel. Keep your eye out for new and emerging trends from creators of all levels so you can hop on the next trend early.

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