How Adele Became An International Superstar

Adele began singing at the age of four and became obsessed with how musicians used their voices to project. Being raised by her mother, her talent was nurtured and she found joy singing all the time. Her music debuted on MySpace after a friend uploaded it without her knowing. She made her TV debut, and as a result, Adele rose to the spotlight on Jools Holland Live.

This was her first taste of stardom, and it catapulted her career.

Here’s how Adele became an international superstar.

1. She didn’t change her appearance to fit the ideals Hollywood laid out for her.

In Hollywood, beauty standards are a big factor of marketability for musicians. If you have a pretty face, then your music will sell. Adele threw this standard for a loop after a venue decided they would only hire her if she lost weight.

She refused and found that her personality was more of a selling point than her music. The venue who told her to lose weight has lost a lot of money since then.

Here is a video that shows Adele’s sweet personality

2. She allowed the sound of her music to evolve over time.

The interesting thing about music that is very personal to the singer. Therefore, it evolves over time. Adele’s first album, 19, had a very soulful sound, and her unique voice catapulted her album to the top of the charts.

She revealed later on that the differences between her albums, sounds were due to her relationship with her partner. Her breakup changed her sound on the new album 21 in 2013.

Here is a video that shows how her music has changed. Even though it is not her voice, it shows the evolution of her music.

3. She kept her career rooted in her home country.

Adele is from England, and she shows that she continuously loves her home country by performing the national anthem at games. She also made a splash playing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

She is a lovely person, and her videos and music show her personality.

Adele became an international superstar because she didn’t change who she was to fit the music industry’s standards of beauty or marketability. By staying true to herself, Adele became more than a favorite musician to many people. Listeners love Adele because they see themselves reflected in her.

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