How This Cover Artist Got Discovered By A Famous Producer

YouTube is a place where anyone from any background can make hos or her music known to the world. This happened for Leroy Sanchez. Leroy is originally from Spain but now lives in America. He started posting his videos on YouTube in 2007. He loved doing covers of popular music and was discovered by Jim Jonsin, a famous producer. This relationship has proven very fruitful for Leroy.

He believes his strength has come from a few different things.

1. He makes music that appeals to a wide audience.

One of Leroy’s strengths is letting his feelings amplify his music. Leroy used every opportunity he could to perform his music. He is bilingual, but he feels that singing in English allows his music to be more accessible on YouTube. Even though his early videos were simple, viewers could feel his passion coming through his videos.

This is one of his earlier videos that debuted his talent with piano and vocals.

2. He learned to use camera equipment well.

As Leroy began to excel in his piano and guitar playing, his talent with the video camera began to grow as well. He started using better graphics and amping up his sound equipment.

Here is a video that shows his change with technology and his talented guitar playing.

3. He takes subscriber requests into account.

Leroy keeps up with his subscribers by posting new videos every month. He takes into account what his subscribers are requesting and tries to post videos that they would like. He hasn’t had drops in subscribers, and the fact that his tour is quite popular across the world shows his influence on the music industry.

Here is a video that showcases his skills.

4. He collaborates with other YouTube stars.

Leroy Sanchez has found that collaborating with others has increased his subscriber count as well. Collaboration is working with other YouTube stars to create a video that showcases their talent. Leroy’s affinity for popular music covers and his overall market appeal makes for a beautiful video.

Here is a video that shows his collaboration.

Leroy Sanchez captures the attention of a famous music producer by making music with a wide appeal. You never know who may be watching!

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