How This Videographer Became A YouTube Success

Kurt Hugo Schneider is no stranger to successful people. He grew up with parents whose jobs included the visual arts and mathematics. Kurt sailed through his schooling and graduated valedictorian in high school and magna cum laude from Yale. Kurt has become one of the hottest YouTube stars by his talent with music, collaboration, and technical affinity.

Here are a few ways that Kurt Hugo Schneider became a YouTube success.

1. He developed his videography skills.

Kurt produces, performs, and directs many of his own videos. His early videos show his talent with a camera. His Michael Jackson medley became viral after only a few days. The reason for his viral status is that Kurt plays all parts of an acapella group simultaneously. He uses his camera skills to accomplish this.

Here is the video that put Kurt on the map.

2. He collaborates with other content creators.

Kurt hasn’t kept his talent to himself. Within his videos, Kurt doesn’t feel the need to be in the forefront or the limelight of every moment. He uses his technological talent to help others succeed as well.

He grew up down the street from Sam Tsui, and they bonded over their love of music. He has done quite a few videos with Sam Tsui, and their friendship has continued to this day, even after their careers took off.

Here is a video showcasing Sam Tsui.

3. He puts a new spin on pop culture.

The great thing about YouTube is artists can take music that has already been recorded and create their own spin on it. There are YouTube artists who exclusively work with cover songs. It is a great way to get people to view their work. Kurt has seen these trends and has become quite popular on his channel.

Recently, Kurt has been working with Coca-Cola and American Idol on video production. Kurt’s successes have allowed him to choose any work he wants to. However, his popularity hasn’t kept him from the things that are most important to him, such as friends and family.

Here is a video that was recently posted with a new take on a boy band hit from a few years ago.

The wonderful thing about YouTube and seeing how successful everyday people can be. People can express their humanity and talents, without the anxiety of being in front of live audiences. Kurt Hugo Schneider has increasingly shown that his talent and successes won’t change him.

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