How A Unique Niche Turned This Creator’s Channel Into A Career

On a platform ripe with glam makeup tutorials and luxury product reviews, Dutch creator Lucy Kyselica takes an alternative approach to beauty content. Her channel, Loepsie, focuses on vintage-inspired hair tutorials. Since uploading her first video in 2008, Lucy has amassed more than 700,000 subscribers, and the channel has become her full-time career.

Here’s how a unique niche turned the Loepsie channel into Lucy’s career.

Her niche is both specific enough to be unique and wide enough to evolve.

YouTube is home to an endless number of hair tutorials. However, there aren’t a whole lot of creators who focus on vintage hair tutorials, so the niche is specific enough to make her channel stand out. If you search for vintage hair tutorials on YouTube, Loepsie is among the top results.

The specificity of Lucy’s niche enables her to create a lot of unique videos. Your typical beauty vlogger isn’t tying a Regency era turban or making an 1830s hair tutorial. However, the niche isn’t so narrow that Lucy will inevitably hit a dead-end. The term “vintage” attracts a wide audience, but it leaves a lot of room open for interpretation.

A lot of creators who upload vintage hair tutorials focus on either pin-up or Victorian looks. Lucy, on the other hand, hasn’t pigeonholed herself into a specific era. She’s made videos focused on a wide variety of eras, from Ancient Greece to the 1980s.

She chose a niche she’s passionate as well as knowledgeable about.

Anyone who met Lucy in real life would not be surprised to learn what she does for a living. Her love for vintage beauty is evident in her lifestyle as well as her videos. Her interest in history became a passion, which viewers can see in her focus on slow living and minimalism.

Since Lucy’s content niche reflects her way of life, viewers can learn a lot more from her videos than just new ways to do their hair. Lucy is interested in the history behind the hairstyles she recreates, so she shares her research with her audience. For example, in this video, she introduces her tutorial by describing how women in the 1920s would use similar styling methods to avoid cutting their hair short.

She draws in more viewers by occasionally branching out with videos related to her niche.

While Lucy’s channel is predominantly focused within the niche of vintage hair tutorials, not every video she uploads has to do with vintage hair. Occasionally, she branches out and creates a video that is still related to vintage beauty, hair styling, or minimalism. These videos attract viewers who are searching for something besides a vintage hair tutorial. Many of these viewers subscribe because they enjoy content similar to Lucy’s anyway.

For example, a lot of viewers use Lucy’s videos to learn how to style hair with bangs. Lucy notoriously cuts her own bangs, and over the years, she’s made several videos showing viewers exactly how she does it. Her most popular one reached more than fourteen million views.

Lucy Kyselica turned her passion for vintage beauty into a career in content creation by focusing within a specific niche. Her focus in vintage hair tutorials has helped her develop a long-lasting career.

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